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Meet Our Boys

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Virtually all of the boys we serve come from a family in crisis and have been abused, traumatized or neglected:

– Steve lived a pretty normal life until his father and mother became hooked on drugs.
– Tony was orphaned as a child and bounced around to several foster homes
– Some, like Juan, have emotional challenges
– Others, like John, have physical or cognitive disabilities


Often as a result, these boys act out in destructive ways. We break these cycles of abuse by attempting to heal the entire family. We practice family therapy, educate parents, and offer recreational activities for families.

  • Most boys arrive at Bonnie Brae after an average of 8 out-of-home placements (these may be foster
    homes, juvenile shelters and/or psychiatric hospitals).
  • Over 90% of our boys struggle with issues that other agencies haven’t been able to treat successfully.
  • Bonnie Brae boys come from nearly every county in New Jersey: As of July, 2012 45% are African
    American; 34% Caucasian; 13% Latino; and 8% Biracial.


Meet Lamar

Lamar never knew his mother or father. At birth, his parents lost their parental rights due to their drug addiction. As a newborn, Lamar started his life in a foster home and subsequently he was moved through a series of six different homes. A victim of physical, verbal and sexual abuse, Lamar acted his anger out through violence. Without a stable parental figure in his life, Lamar became a ward of the state and at the age of 10, Lamar was sent to Bonnie Brae – specifically because of our experience in treating complex trauma.

Meet Jack

Upon arriving at Bonnie Brae, Jack received a thorough medical assessment, a routine procedure for all new students. Unlike any other resident, however, the medical team was astounded to discover a bullet lodged in his leg. Six months prior to coming to Bonnie Brae, Jack had been shot. Without insurance, without parental guidance and because it wasn’t an imminent life threat, he nursed the injury himself – a secret he dealt with in order to survive. Once Jack’s secret was discovered, the bullet was removed, the wound quickly healed and Jack became a starting point guard for Bonnie Brae’s basketball team.


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