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Meet Director of Residential Services, Phil Errico

As the Director of Residential Services, Phil has a challenging job overseeing all of Bonnie Brae’s residential services, including our two transitional living homes in Bound Brook and New Brunswick. He has been here for two tours which began in 1982.  He left temporarily  in 1996 to oversee a 12-bed clinic that cycled children through. He faced challenges in his early days at the clinic as he struggled to get everything working properly, however the work soon became routine to him.  In 2002 he came back to Bonnie Brae because he loves the challenges presented each day by serving kids with different needs.

Phil is extremely proud of his staff. Each staff member is put through a rigorous interview where they are presented with an example of what they might hear from a Bonnie Brae boy.  This is done to make sure they are strong enough to deal with the challenges that will be thrown at them every day. Phil says what makes Bonnie Brae so unique is that they never will give up on a kid. When the staff is faced with a challenge they work at it and give it everything they have to help this kid. He says it takes good people to do good things and that here at Bonnie Brae we have to take care of the people who take care of our kids.