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Give a Boy a Vacation


Conscious Kids Summer Expedition 2016


How do you quantify joy?

Recently, our Chief Financial Officer, and I took two of our residents to lunch as a reward for their good behavior. The conversation at our table starts out with the usual small talk. Both of our guys are on the shy side so Ann and I ask a lot of questions. After ordering our food I ask the guys about their summer camp experience. Immediately their faces light up! Huge smiles.

Ben starts the conversation, “Remember when you kept after me to put on sun screen and I ended up with red shoulders?”

Tim interrupts, “How about when I fell off the paddle boat?”

Ben jumps back in, “Remember when Kevin (a staff member) tipped his canoe and ended
up in the lake!?”

The laughter that follows warms our hearts. They both, without any prodding, declare that camp was the most fun that they had all year. Ben wonders why we can’t stay longer.

There are many impressive statistics on our website that demonstrate the success of our work, but perhaps the secret ingredient of our success—the thing that makes everything better—is the joy that often drives our work. Summer camp gives our guys fond memories and something to look forward to with great expectations. It brings them joy. And it brings us joy to know that we are offering these young men something many have never experienced before.

Help us to make this trip possible – and to bring guys like Ben and Tim joy and memories they will cherish forever.

$1,000:  Sponsors the ENTIRE TRIP for one Bonnie Brae boy to go on the Conscious Kids Summer Expedition for an incredible week 

$500:  Helps pay for the weekly rental of a cabin at the campsite 

$150:  Helps to provide meals for the week, including roasting marshmallows by the campfire

$85: Helps to provide horseback riding lessons for one boy for the week

$30:  Purchases fishing supplies, bait and equipment for a Bonnie Brae boy to catch the “Big One!” 


Donate today to help our boys go on a summer vacation!

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