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Cyber Safety

Educational & Therapeutic School NJ



Bonnie Brae is committed to providing a safe, supportive, educational and therapeutic environment in residential life, clinical services, and educational systems.  The safety of the children in care at Bonnie Brae is of primary importance.  Safety is the first goal of the Bonnie Brae Technology Plan:

Make safety a primary consideration in the use of all technology.

Bonnie Brae utilizes a three-pronged approach to ensuring the safe use of technology for minors and staff.  These three technology protection measures are defined below:

  • Utilize available technology tools to ensure state-of-the-art prevention.
  • Establish policies and procedures to address safety requirements.
  • Provide technology education curriculum and learning opportunities.


In order to ensure this goal is met, Bonnie Brae utilizes Websense® as its web filtering system.

The Information Technology Manager is responsible for overseeing the proper and continued use of the selected web filtering tool for all minor’s computers.  Through Websense, all websites are blocked by default.  The classroom teachers are responsible for selecting which websites are accessible to minors.  The sites designated “acceptable” are included in a master whitelist maintained by the IT Manager.  There is a whitelist for each classroom.  Each computer a minor uses is assigned an IP address, identifying for the filter which whitelist to apply.  This is an ongoing process, with desired results achieved through effective communication between the Information Technology Manager and the Bonnie Brae Education staff.


Educating Minors to Use Technology Safely

Bonnie Brae’s technology curriculum for all minors includes the following safety measures:

  • Educating minors about appropriate online behavior;
  • Educating minors about interacting with other individuals on social networking websites;
  • Educating minors about interacting with other individuals in chat rooms;
  • Cyber bullying awareness and appropriate response to cyber bullying.

To Schedule a Hearing to Address Internet Safety Policies or to Request  Additional Information Contact:

David Batista, Information Technology Manager

Bonnie Brae

3415 Valley Road, PO Box 825

Liberty Corner, NJ  07938