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  • Graduation Congratulations cupcake with mortarboard and festive candles. Class of 2017: What’s Next? (6/26/2017) - Summer is officially here and the senior boys at Bonnie Brae are planning to take their next steps after graduation. Whether it is attending college, finding a job, moving back home, or into one of our community homes, the seniors are excited for what is to come, and grateful that Bonnie Brae helped to prepare […]
  • architect showing new family house model to customer at office Insight From Our Clinical Director: Part 3 (6/12/2017) - Part 3 Interviewer: So you were part of the design of this (Family Center), which I love. I remember the meetings when we would sit down with the architect, and lay out the dream for what this space would look like. Can you talk about some of the pieces that you advocated for, that you […]
  • Close up of mother or older sister and a child hands at the sunset Insight From Our Clinical Director: Part 2 (6/5/2017) - Part 2 Interviewer: Can you share any recent stories that are memorable to you? Jamie: Yes, several, but one that is most poignant right now is that of a 13-year-old young man who has a sibling who is in a pre-adoptive foster home circumstance. Now, this foster family will not adopt him and yet we […]
  • IMG_9440-e1374520697540 Insight From Our Clinical Director: Part 1 (5/29/2017) - As Bonnie Brae continues to grow, both in size and success, we decided to interview Jamie Rau, our talented Clinical Director. Jamie brought many years of clinical, administrative, and teaching experience with him to Bonnie Brae and has been with us for over 20 years. He handles everything from treatment planning to discharge planning, while […]
  • Camp Bonnie Brae Conscious Kids Summer Expedition (5/8/2017) - As you already know, Bonnie Brae empowers youth and families to achieve “Small Victories. Every Day” through comprehensive care and education. We want to transform more lives of at-risk youth and their families through a nationally recognized model of care. One of the ways this is accomplished is through our Conscious Kids Summer Expedition. The […]
  • Routine Bonnie Brae Explains the Importance of a Routine for Children at Risk (5/2/2017) - As a “home” and safe place for boys and young men in crisis, we are experienced in providing treatment to at-risk youth that have experienced trauma: 67% of the boys that have come to Bonnie Brae have been abused, neglected or witnessed violence inside or outside the home; 70% were taking psychotropic medications; 95% had […]
  • Frisbee for Fun Frisbee Competition at Bonnie Brae (4/26/2017) - We are gearing up for our third annual “Frisbee for Fun” tournament event this fall! On Tuesday, May 16th from 6-8PM, we will be hosting an open house on Bonnie Brae’s campus. We need team captains, leaders, and representatives from different schools to make this fall’s event bigger and better! At the Open House event […]
  • Bonnie Brae Residential Treatment Bonnie Brae Residential Treatment Center (4/25/2017) - Bonnie Brae is a residential treatment center that provides comprehensive care for troubled, at-risk youth. Central to all clinical treatment plans is the forming of positive relationships between the children and our knowledgeable, professional staff. This is accomplished through 24/7 care, guidance, and support. Since Bonnie Brae was founded in 1916 by Judge Harry Osborne, […]
  • Broadway Broadway Tickets: Bonnie Brae’s Matinee Theatre Group (4/20/2017) - Do you enjoy attending Broadway shows? Through Bonnie Brae’s Matinee Theatre Group, you can enjoy five Broadway shows and feel good about doing so, as a portion of the cost goes toward helping the boys and programs of Bonnie Brae. The proceeds of the ticket price enable Bonnie Brae to improve the quality of care […]
  • Thalia Carrera Q&A with Bonnie Brae Clinical Coordinator (4/7/2017) - Give us a little sense of who you are. Why you came here? Where you came from? My name is Thalia Carrera. I am one of the clinical coordinators here at Bonnie Brae. I am currently working in Farrow Cottage, so I oversee 14 boys in the cottage. I have been working here for a […]