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Bonnie Brae Residential School Admissions


General Eligibility

  • Males between the ages of 12-18
  • Both non-classified and classified by a Child Study Team as a student with behavioral disabilities
  • Full scale IQ above 65
  • Minimum third grade reading level
  • No uncontrolled aggressive/assaultive behavior
  • No uncontrolled sexually deviant acting out
  • No actively psychotic, disorganized behavior that requires a locked psychiatric facility
  • No physical or medical problems that require full time hospitalization and/or 24 hour nursing service. Final determination regarding acceptability of a resident with a chronic illness or physical disabilities rests with the administrative team after consultation with our pediatrician
  • No uncontrolled fire setters (Level 3)
  • Private and Public Referrals considered.

Addiction Specific Programs

  • Substance free for 30 days
  • Successful completion of 28-day drug and alcohol rehabilitation program

Necessary Evaluation Documents

  • Referral Summary
  • DYFS Service History – Eliminate
  • Individual Service Plan
  • Social Assessment
  • Psychological Evaluation with IQ Scores
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Learning Evaluation
  • Current Reading Level
  • Educational Classification Memo
  • Individualized Education Plan
  • Drug/Alcohol Evaluation (MICA only)
  • Fire Setter Evaluation (if applicable)
  • Psychosexual Evaluation (S.O. only)

Immunization Records