Save the Date for Bonnie Brae’s 3rd Annual “Frisbee for Fun” Ultimate Frisbee Competition – October 15, 2017! To learn more, click here.

A Place to Heal

Dr. Bruno Bettelheim, a founding father of residential treatment for emotionally disturbed children, wrote, “Children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Treatment at Bonnie Brae is primarily based upon forming positive relationships between traumatized children and caring, knowledgeable professional staff. Our staff are trained to utilize every hour of every day to replace learned destructive behavior with new positive skills. Whether in school, in the arts, or on the playing fields, negative self-image is replaced with a new feeling of pride and increased self-worth.

Bonnie Brae’s successful track record of turning around “kids no one else wants” is based on a foundation of richly experienced professionals including: Child Care Workers; Clinicians; Nurses; Child Psychiatrists; Pediatricians; Support Staff; Substance Abuse Counselors; and Teachers. Whether in the cottage group experience, on the recreational playing fields or in the classroom, our philosophy of therapeutic care is a part of everything we do and contributes to healing.