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Bonnie Brae

A residential school and therapeutic community for New Jersey boys in crisis ages 8-18.

A Place to Live

A Place to Learn

A Place to Heal

A Place to Grow

Our Goal: 100 Years, 10,000 Boys Served,
10,000 Families Changed

Bonnie Brae by the

  • 100% of Bonnie Brae boys had failed in prior placements and were unable to be treated successfully by other agencies…
  • 83% of Bonnie Brae young men graduated successfully from our program (five year average).
  • 10% of American youth have a parent under some sort of correctional supervision…
  • 34% of our Bonnie Brae boys have one or more parent(s) who have been convicted of an offense.
  • Bonnie Brae boys average 5 out of home placements before coming to Bonnie Brae…
  • 94% of families say they got the help they wanted for their child at Bonnie Brae.
  • 65% of Bonnie Brae boys were taking psychotropic medications when admitted…
  • 78% of these boys discontinued or dramatically decreased all medications.
  • 84% of Bonnie Brae boys have been abused, abandoned or neglected…
  • 99% of outside caseworkers surveyed believe the staff understands and addresses unique issues of each Bonnie Brae boy.
  • 76% of Bonnie Brae boys had multiple suspensions from school prior to admission…
  • Bonnie Brae’s graduation rate is 87.5% and exceeds the NJ State average graduation rate of 83.17%
  • 45% of our Bonnie Brae boys were runaways before coming to Bonnie Brae…
  • In 2012, 72% of alumni survey had been reunited with their family upon discharge from Bonnie Brae.

What people say about Bonnie Brae

  • Bonnie Brae is one of the best things that ever happened (to my son).  He wouldn’t be in college or where he is at without Bonnie Brae.
    Parent of a former Bonnie Brae Student
  • There is always someone to talk to when I need to.
    Bonnie Brae Student
  • I appreciate the extensive counseling, can always call and tell how the weekend went on home visits and can come in and talk if it didn’t go well or he relapses.
    Parent of a Bonnie Brae Student
  • When I get bad family issues, they do everything in their power to help.
    Bonnie Brae Student
  • The staff has taught him things that I would have never taught him.
    Parent of a Bonnie Brae Student
  • I like Bonnie Brae because people choose to do this work.  They don’t have to.
    Bonnie Brae Student
  • Your After-Care Program is a vital part of the conclusion of the Bonnie-Brae Program.  We are all so grateful for everyone at Bonnie Brae
    Parents of a former Bonnie Brae student
  • What I got out of aftercare was learning some stuff on the computer and finding new places to go to so I’m not at home all the time.
    Former Bonnie Brae Student
  • I cannot express how I felt when I went to Donald’s back to school night this year and read some of his daily journal entries.
    Parents of a former Bonnie Brae student
  • At Bonnie Brae I have people to guide me.
    Bonnie Brae Student
  • I want to thank everyone at Bonnie Brae for their guidance, caring, kindness, and, when needed, toughness during our son Joe’s stay
    Mother of a former Bonnie Brae student
  • Staff is there for him when he needs counseling.  He is safe and secure at Bonnie Brae.
    Parent of a Bonnie Brae Student

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